Personal Stories

By Former Christian Scientists

Transformed from the Inside Out, by Lauren Hunter

Testimony of Carolyn Poole, by Carolyn Poole
Founder of Christian Way

I Said “NO” to Christian Science, by Stanley Myers
Former Christian Science practitioner

From Christian Science to Freedom, by Linda S. Kramer
In this two-part testimony, Linda describes her exit from Christian Science and subsequent struggle for emotional freedom. Her story is an excerpt from the book, The Religion That Kills, which examines how Christian Science often affects its followers emotionally, physically, and  spiritually. The book is also available as a Kindle eBook entitled Perfect Peril: Christian Science and Mind Control.

Testimony of Ruth Cook, by Ruth Cook
Former Christian Science nurse

A Healing of the Soul, by Charles Burke
The grandson of a practitioner, Charles tells of a healing far more significant than any physical healing claimed in Christian Science.

Beware of the Angel of Light, by Joyce McConnell
Joyce describes how she learned the importance of knowing God’s Word (the Bible) and of using its wisdom and directives as a measuring stick for how God would have us live for Him.

“What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear….” by Kathy

Testimony of Mark Woodall, by Mark Woodall

Testimony and Spiritual Journey of Phil Moser, by Phil Moser
Devoted to Christian Science, Phil embarked on a personal Bible study to prove it right–and discovered a different Jesus than the man presented in Christian Science. In his testimony, Phil describes his personal journey and then compares Christian Science to the Bible on several topics central to Christianity.

Testimony of Deb Hawkins, by Deb Hawkins

A Healing OF Christian Science, by Sue Laramore

What If It’s Wrong, Lord? Why I Left Christian Science, by Jay Bea
This testimony is available as an eBook which can be downloaded from It traces the author’s exit from Christian Science and growth into biblical Christianity, involving many years and more than one Christian denomination. The book provides an interesting and encouraging look at a woman who is not willing to rest until she finds biblical truth.