Christian Science: Attempting a Comeback, by Linda S. Kramer
The Christian Science church is trying to attract new members and to promote itself as a responsible form of healthcare. But does it promote responsible healthcare? Find out what happened when a woman challenged Church officials to intervene when her mother was dying a horrible death under Christian Science treatment.

Science and Health and the Bible: Do They Agree on Questions of Eternal Significance?, By Charles Burke

No Final Judgment for Mortals?, by Phil Fewsmith

Testimony and Spiritual Journey of Phil Moser, by Phil Moser
A devoted follower of Christian Science, Phil embarked on a personal Bible study to prove it right — and discovered a different Jesus than the man presented in Christian Science. Phil shares his spiritual journey, compares Christian Science to the Bible on several key issues, and shows that salvation is a gift rather than something to be worked out by one’s own understanding.