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FFCS: “The Fellowship of Former Christian Scientists (FFCS) is an outreach ministry connecting people with a background in Christian Science (CS), and those who walk alongside them, with Christ-centered resources, care and community.” (quote from FFCS website)

CHILD, Inc.: (Children’s Healthcare is a Legal Duty) Founded by a former Christian Scientist, CHILD is a nonprofit organization that works to prevent religion-based abuse and medical neglect.  Blog hosted by former Christian Scientist John Andrews

ExCS UK: Former Christian Scientists in the United Kingdom.

Watchman Fellowship: Christian research and apologetics ministry that provides a wealth of information regarding cults, the occult, new religious movements, and the New Age.

Apologetics Index: “. . . provides research resources on religious cults, sects, new religious movements, alternative religions, apologetics-, anticult-, and countercult organizations, doctrines, religious practices and world views. These resources reflect a variety of theological and/or sociological perspectives. The site provides information that helps equip Christians to logically present and defend the Christian faith, and that aids non-Christians in their comparison of various religious claims. Issues addressed range from spiritual and cultic abuse to contemporary theological and/or sociological concerns. AI also includes ex-cult support resources, up-to-date religion news (, articles on Christian life and ministry, and a variety of other features. (text quoted from Apologetics Index home page)

BibleGateway: Online tool for searching the Bible in a variety of translations, using either keywords or scripture references.

Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center: Offers a residential counseling program and helpful information regarding cults and recovery.